High Speed SMT Machine CPM H2


CPM-h2 is specially designed to gain high speed and accuracy during the mounting process having 2 heads and 16 nozzles makes CPM – h2 a High Speed SMT MACHINE which is capable of placing ting components 0402 to large components such as IC and BGA.

  • Equipped with Japanese Sanyo linear motor owing higher accuracy and lower abrasion.
  • advanced Germany industrial linear scanning camera can achieve high-precision recognition of the component without mistiming and stopping
  • High accuracy thermal compensation system can monitor the placement precision in real-time and modify the placement automatically.
  • nozzles exchanged automatically ensures various components can be compatible.
  • using an electric feeder ensures the higher accuracy of the feeding process solving the component dumping caused by unstable situations
  • fast switching between Chinese and English interfaces is more suitable for the international market
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