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CPM-II mechanical structure + maintenance


Pick and Place Machine Maintanence

Notes on this specification

  1. Please read this manual carefully before using this equipment , and fully understand the contents of the manual before operating.
  2. Personnel who have not received training on this equipment are forbidden to operate this equipment .
  3. It is forbidden to copy or reprint part or all of this information.
  4. Due to improved machines and software upgrades, data may be changed without notice
  5. When using, please understand the specifications and limitations of the equipment and software in detail before proceeding. For poor production, waste of costs and personal injury caused by incorrect operation or modification of the equipment without the consent of the company, the company No responsibility is assumed.
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Specifications and performance

Basic specifications

power supply ・Rated power supply 3- phase 4-wire AC 380 V ± 10 V · Frequency of 50 Hz ・Rated capacity 3 kVA
Air pressure source ・Supply air pressure Min. 0.49 MPa ~Max. 0.78 MPa ( Operating pressure Min. 0.49 MPa ~Max. 0.54 MPa) ・Supply air volume 150 L/min [ Standard ] ( ※ ) ・           Maximum air consumption 150 L/min [ Standard ] ( ※ ) When using the following options, an additional air pressure source is necessary. • Intelligent bulk material rack : 8 L/min for 1 station [ Standard ] ( ※ ) ( ※ ) [ Standard ] (ISO/DIS 5598) Temperature : 20 ℃ Absolute pressure : 101.3 kPa Relative humidity : 65%
Equipment size 1380mm(W)x1826mm(D)x1465mm(H) Does not include status indicator lights, keyboard trays, and carts
weight ・Total weight (with material car)      15 00 ㎏
Environmental conditions ・Temperature 10 ℃ ~35 ℃ ・Humidity 25 % RH ~75 %RH ( but no condensation ) · Height above sea level 1 000 m
Finishing color Standard color white
way to control ・Microcomputer method ( windows7 / windows 10 ) Semi-closed loop mode of AC servo motor (X, Y, Z, θ axis )
Instruction method ・X, Y, Z, θ coordinate designation

Basic performance

Mounting angle -180゚~180゚(0.01゚unit )
Mounting range 50mm ~510mm(L) x 44mm ~454mm(W)
Mounting speed (Under the best conditions) Chip 0.06 s/chip ( ※ 0603: s/chip) ( Type A)
Placement accuracy (Under the best conditions) 1005 placement ± 0.05 mm: Cpk ≧ 1
Object component ・Component size 0603 chip 24 mm × 24 mm ・The maximum element thickness is 6.5 mm

Machine composition



Pick and Place Mahine front view


Pick and Place Mahine rear view

Operating device


Pick and Place machine Front-Side

pick and place machine rear side

Pick and Place machine Rear-Side

NO. Device name Features Quantity
1 Operation panel   Perform operations such as starting and stopping the machine 1
2 Emergency stop switch   Press this button to emergency stop. 2 (1 each at the front and back)
3 mouse   Perform local operations 1
4 keyboard   Write the program 1
5 switch   Turn the power of this unit to ON/OFF. 1
6 Main pressure regulating filter valve (Inside the cover) Adjust the supply air pressure. 1

Main equipment

NO.Device nameFeaturesQuantity
1Left Y-axisAssist the right Y-axis to make a linear movement in the Y direction




Right Y axis


Equipped with a linear motor, which drives the left Y arm to move synchronously through the X-axis connection




X axis


Equipped with a linear motor, it performs linear motion in the X direction under the drive of the mover.1
4Placement headMove the component from the feeder to the substrate.1



A device for intelligent feeding of transfer tips.2



Device for cutting scrap tape.2

Control System


Equipment control center1

Substrate conveyor belt


Incoming and outgoing substrate device1

Width adjustment device


Adjust the width of the substrate conveyor belt.1



Hold the substrate from the Z direction to stop the substrate at the specified position.1
11trayA device that stores ICs during the mounting process.1

Line scan camera


A camera for identifying components during the reclaiming process.1

Detailed description of placement head: 


Device name






The components are sucked up by vacuum pressure.



R axis motor

Drive the angle pulley so that the components are mounted at the specified angle.



MARK camera

Identify the MARK point of the substrate.



Z axis motor

Drive the nozzle rod to move linearly in the Z direction.


Schematic diagram of placement process

pick and place mahine head
pick and place machine placement process


  1. The substrate is transferred from the upper process
  2. The substrate stops at the origin of the PCB
  3. MARK camera to identify the substrate
  4. Nozzle picks up components
  5. Line scan camera recognizes the picked components
  6. The nozzle moves to the specified position for placement
  7. Substrate out

Crossponding Substrate specifications:



Usable substrate size

Maximum: 510mm(L)x460mm(W)/Minimum: 50mm(L)x50mm(W)

Mountable range


Substrate thickness

0.8mm ~3mm

Substrate quality

Maximum 3.0kg or less (quality after installation)

Allow substrate bending

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