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led smt line What is LED SMT LINE ?


An LED SMT ASSEMBLY LINE IS (Surface Mount Technology) line refers to a manufacturing process used to assemble and produce LED products. The SMT process involves mounting electronic components such as smt chips onto the surface of a PCB board using automated machines.

Equipment Need to Setup the LED SMT LINE

The machine in led smt line will be automatic vaccum loader is used to long pcb board upto 1200mm length. As some led boards are longer and some are smaller if the borad length exceeds 500mm in length it can’t be handeled by a normal pcb loader so you need to consider a vaccum loader which can hold the long pcb boards. 

The basic function of vaccum loader is load the pcb board on the led smtline but as the name suggests its uses vaccum to load the pcb board.

At first the 50 pcb boards stacked in the loader , the loading speed should be set by the digital meter , Now the loader is ready to lift up the board . The loader 4 spindle which vaccum suction fuction which performs the suction and action and load the pcb board in the led smt line now the pcb board in handed over to the solder paste printer for printing of solder paste.


solder paste printer p34

Considering led smt line it requires a long conveyor solder paste printer which can apply the complete solder paste on the led pcb board in general the standard solder paste printer is not capable to handle the long pcb board so if your pcb board is longer that 500mm you should consider a led solder paste printer . 

In led solder paste printer the standard width of the pcb board will be 400 mm and the lenght of the pcb board will be 1200 mm which can applied the solder paste on the surface of led pcb board .

Led solder paste printer is the perfert option for led board led pcb boards which can help you to apply the solder paste at once As LED assembly doesn’t required a very high specification solder paste printer.

Key points to consider buying the led solder paste printer 

1. END product is only led pcb board

2.LED PCB Board size is larger than 400mm * 500mm and smaller that 400 * 1200 . Led solder paste printer can be customized too.

3.Fully automatic option of solder paste function on the pcb board


pcb conveyor

A PCB conveyor should be any normaly conveyor that is used to drive the traffic of pcb board on the smt line the pcb conveyor lenght should be 1200 mm and with will be 400mm is perfect for led smt line



led pick and place machine L8

LED is pick and place with minimum of 6 spindles is required in the smt line . As the main purpost led led pick and place machine is to pick up the led chips for the feeder and place on the surface of the pcb board accurately.

Choosing a pick and place machine

A right pick and place machine deliver the high production performance and good accuracy. There are some famous manufacturers of Pick and Place Machines.

Pick and place machine L8

A Led pick and place machine specifically designed to meet the needs of customers seeking high performance at an affordable price. During the development process, L8 conducted thorough investigations into the requirements of actual customers. 
By focusing on essential features, they were able to create a compact and cost-effective machine without compromising on productivity. The L8 boosts an impressive operational speed of 29,300 components per hour, with a tact time of just 0.157 seconds per chip.
One of the key considerations in the design of the L8 was user-friendly. Even operators with limited experience could confidently operate the machine, enabling smooth production startup.
 The L8 led pick and place mahine Features 8 spindles and it can support upto 1200 mm long pcb board with the 70 number of  Feeders during the production line it provides the perfect for the led smt line line.

Reflow Oven


A reflow oven is required to solder the applied led chips on the pcb board at least 6 zones reflow oven is needed for this process. Mainly reflow oven has different temperature zones to provide the effective templerature in the machine. 

Considering the 6 zones reflow oven you have 6 top and 6 bottom heating zones which provides efficent heat for the soldering of led pcb board and one cooling zones would be able to cool down the pcb board.



A PCB unloader is required to unload the pcb board but for large pcb boards you need a automatic vaccum unloader which can helps you to unload loader pcb board up to 1200mm from the smt line.

Installation of LED SMT LINE


Installing an SMT (Surface Mount Technology) LED strip requires careful planning and design. Here is a detailed description of the steps involved in setting up an SMT LED sign:

Equipment Planning

Start by evaluating the space and equipment requirements for your SMT line. Make sure you have enough space for equipment, workstations, storage and material handling. Provide adequate ventilation, temperature control, and an ESD (electrostatic drainage) protection system at the installation. Component Selection: Research and select the appropriate SMT component for your LED production needs. This includes transfer machines, solder paste printers, reflow ovens, inspection systems and testing equipment. Consider factors such as production volume, equipment size, precision requirements and budget constraints when selecting equipment.


Create a configuration for your led SMT line, considering workflow, equipment conditions, material flow, and operator comfort. Ensure a logical flow from one system to another, reducing travel distance and increasing efficiency. Consider ergonomics and safety standards when designing a workplace. 

Materials management

Establish effective materials management practices to ensure successful production. This includes setting up proper storage for components, coils and PCBs. Implement inventory management systems to track and manage material usage, ensuring adequate supply of equipment and supplies. 


Define and document standard operating procedures for each process in the LED SMT line. This includes instructions for solder paste applications, component placement, product returns, testing and testing. Train operators in these processes to ensure consistent high productivity.

ESD Protection

Implement proper ESD protection measures to prevent ESD damage to sensitive electronics. This includes working on the floor, using anti-ESD mats and wrist straps, and providing ESD storage containers for equipment.

Quality control

Establish a quality control system to monitor and ensure the quality of LED products. This may include regular inspection and testing of PCBs, accuracy testing of component placement, and performance testing of finished products. Implement feedback loops to solve any problems effectively and continuously improve the production process. Operator training and skill development: Provide operators with adequate training for operation and maintenance of LED SMT LINE equipment. Educate them on best practices, safety standards and quality control procedures. Encourages continuous professional development to keep pace with technology and organizational development.

Initial production and optimization

Once set up, conduct production trials and testing to refine the process and improve manufacturing efficiency. Analyze key performance indicators (KPIs) such as input, yield and defect rates to identify areas for improvement and implement necessary changes.

Continuous improvement

Foster a culture of continuous improvement by regularly analyzing and analyzing production data, soliciting user feedback, and implementing process improvements. Stay informed about industry trends, technology advancements and best practices to improve your SMT LED portfolio.


entrepreneur, idea, competence-1340649.jpg

The budget required for setting up an SMT LED line can vary depending on many factors such as production volume, required production capacity, level of automation, quality of equipment, equipment requirements and other factors. It is difficult to give an accurate figure without specific details. However, I can provide a rough estimate to give you a general idea.

The main SMT LED line includes important equipment

Equipment cost

A solder paste printer, pcb convetor machine, pick and place machine , reflow oven, testing equipment and control system. The cost of these machines can range from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on the make, model, capacity and specifications.


  3. PICK AND PLACE MACHINE L8 35000 usd
  4. REFFLOW OVEN 15000 usd
  5.  2 * PCB CONVEYOR 500 USD
  6. Vaccum UNLOADER 3000 USD
  7. The Total cost for starting led smt line will be 72,000 USD

Factory Setup and Material Cost

In addition, you need to consider equipment installation costs, including equipment, ESD safety measures, ventilation, temperature control, and the work area. Material costs, such as solder paste, PCBs, and components will also be considered.


electrician, electric, electricity-1080590.jpg

It is important to consider ongoing expenses such as maintenance, staff training, supplies and equipment upgrades that may be made or replaced over time. Considering all these factors, a solid plan for setting up a small and medium SMD LED sign with automation and moderate capacity can range from $80,000 to $120,000 or more. This estimate is provided for guidance only and actual budget requirements may vary depending on circumstances and requirements. To get a more accurate budget, it is recommended to contact equipment suppliers, SMT manufacturing experts, or contact a company specializing in SMT line design for a detailed analysis based on your needs and goals your output.



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