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Faroad insist in using the high-end pick and place machine to continuously provide the stable & reliable performance for our end users.

Software Features

Provides an easy to use graphical user interface and efficient programming functions to manage high volume and complex production


1.User-friendly, intuitive, easy-to-learn software design.
2.Off-line programming capability for setting up new SMT assembly programs or modifying existing SMT assembly programs.

3. Software can work on different Windows environments, such as Windows. 7 and Windows.10.
4. Simple calibration system is easy for the beginner to operate faorad pick and place machine.


5.SMT Machine is Able to support automatic nozzle change for increasing the efficiency.
6.provides intelligent programming functions to reduce total programming time with default usually component part library.

7. Different optimization methods ensure to achieve mass and complex production.
8. Specific software design for LED chips mounting.


9. Automatic component measurement: the data of various type components can be programmed easily by the operator via just inputing approximate dimension, type and packaging information.
10. Components automatically teaching function: Various common components like BGAs and QFPs can be taught automatically by pick and place machine software in an easy and fast way.

11. Perspicuous component data program guideline ensures that beginners also can make the data for the odd-shape components easily via step-by-step instruction in the guideline.
12. MES (Manufacturing Execution Software) provides comprehensive capabilities for tracing electronical manufacturing process, including production schedule and statistics, machine status, as well as quality traceability.

Machine Hardware Features


1.Strong and Flexible feeder Capability

• Double feeder bases are optional for Faroad smt machine, total can equipped with 84 slots (8mm feeder) to meet a wide variety of components production.
• Supporting the use of tray plate and vibration feeder.
• Automatic IC box with 20-pieces tray plate capability.

2.High-quality Visual system
• Professional linear scanning camera from Germany brand Basler designed for pick and place machine has shock- resistance and guarantees high-quality component recognition.
• The Ring-shaped light source is made by OSRAM lamp beads that has highlight and high-stability, and lighting comes from its base and 8 sides.


3.High-precision Movement system
• IKO guide rail ensures the up-down of Z-axis in high-speed, high-accuracy, and high stability.
• High-precision IKO ball spline ensures the high-accuracy of R-axis rotation.
• THK guide rail on both X and Y axis realizes the high-precision, high-rigidity, energy-saving, high-speed machines with long service lives.

4.Reliable Machine Movement Control Syetem
• Independent drive panel for each Z axis movement, which offers long-life usage and easier maintenance for the machine.
• Japanese Sanyo linear motor used on X/Y axis is exclusively used in pick and place machine, ensuring the high machine performance.
• Renishaw grating ruler on both X-axis and Y axis enhances high-precision position feedback and provides class-leading accuracy with low jitter, excellent signal stability and long-term reliability.


5.Conveyor system
• Top and bottom and side on plywood method, which is very flexible and can be adjusted side to side to avoid the components at the board edge, ensuring the accuracy and stability.
• Conveyor extension is available,the machine can support 1.2 M board.

6.High-precision calibration system
• The high-accuracy calibration on the placement head, combined with the machine software, which is able to provide excellent but simple calibration process.

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