Smt Line layout for startup of pcb assembly 2022

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What are smt lines?

SMT lines or smt production lines are the assembly lines of the PCB board. A single line consists of a number of smt machines depending on the assembly requirement of the PCB board.

Different types of PCB boards are assembled by smt lines such as the PCB board in your mobile phone, laptop, television, or any kind of PCB board which is used in electronics is assembled by the smt line.

Filed of usage:

As Electronic technology expands and progresses very fast around the globe. All the mechanical products are converted into digital products from your hand to all the devices in your home, transport usage, or for communications are done electronically.

Modern lifestyle is based on electronics and digital usage of products. The paper currency has been converted into digital currency. 

SMT Lines play a key role in the revolution of the electronics field as for the fast manufacturing and huge demand for the customer the manufacturer needs to speed up the production process of electronics.

Roles of PCB board in electronic products 

All the electronics products contain the PCB board which is the bone of any electronic product. A pcb board is the main design of the product. The working of any electronics product depends on the design of the pcb board.

Role of SMT Lines in the Semiconductor industry

The Semiconductor industry and SMT lines are dependent on each other. The semiconductor industry manufactures various types of tiny components known as SMD chips or SMT Components. For the assembly of these tiny components, the industry required the smt line for the fast and massive assembly of the pcb board here come the big electronics companies such as Foxconn, Huawei, Gree, TCL, and many more.

High-Tech Electronics Industry 

High tech industrial manufacturer purchases SMD Components from semiconductor manufacturers but the issue comes from the fast production of pcb boards. Here smt lines come the solution for the assembly of PCB board. Automated robotic machines handle the full assembly process of the PCB board.

Let’s take the example of Apple Inc. All the assembly of iPhones can be done by Foxconn in china using smt lines of famous brands such as fuji, Juki, Yamaha, and faroad.

Lighting Manufacturer industry

Led lighting manufacture prefer to use smt lines for the fast assembly of the led chip. The majority of small factories purchase the raw material from china as do their assembly themself locally.

This helps us to manufacturer their own product and control the quality of the product according to the client’s requirement.

Famous light types manufactured by smt lines 

Led light used in homes, Floodlights, Strip lights, TV backlights are assembled by smt lines.

Standard smt line layout for startup



A standard smt line consists of an automatic loader which is used to load PCB boards in the line automatically. A loader has two magazines in which have the capacity to store 50 PCB boards each time.

A pcb loader can be integrated single lane as well as dual lane.

Min PCB size : 50mm * 50mm

Max PCB size : 460mm * 530mm


Semi automatic Solder Paste Printer

The loader loads the PCB board and sends the board to the Solder paste printer. Solder paste gets applied by the automatic solder paste printer on the surface of the PCB board and send PCB board to the conveyor

Semi-Automatic Solder paste printer
As the name explains the semi-automatic printer is used for the printing of the solder paste on the surface of the pcb board. The operator has to load the pcb board into the printer and the printer automatically applies the solder paster on the board after the application of paste is done the operator has to unload the board manually.

Min PCB size : 50mm * 50mm

Max PCB size : 400mm * 1200mm


Full automatic Solder paste printer

An automatic solder paste printer is used in smt line to apply the solder paste automatically. Modern fully automatic solder paste printer has a 2d inspection system. The inspection camera scans the board before the application of paste to make sure the accuracy of the printing process. After the solder paste is applied the inspection camera makes sure the quality of the applied solder paste is on the PCB board.

Min PCB size : 50 mm * 50mm

Max PCB size : 400mm * 400mm


Pick and Place machine

As the name describes pick and place machine is used to pick up the tiny components and place them on the surface of the pcb board with an accuracy of 0.05mm to speed up the assembly process of the pcb board.


Structure of Pick and Place Machine


  • Y-axis rail for the moving of machine head Vertically.
  • Ball screw is attached with a powerful motor to move the head.
  • X-axis rails to roll the head horizontally.
  • Head of pick and place machine used to pick up the components from the feeders and places them back on the surface of PCB board having air suction nozzles.
  • The feeder station is for the installation of feeders used to feed the tiny components in the machine for the placement process.
  • Cutting blades are used to cut the feeder tape automatically
  • Machine computer is installed on the bottom with self-developed software.
  • A machine conveyor is used to send the pcb board inside the machine.
  • Adjustment rod the adjust the PCB conveyor width.
  • Lift up a system to lock the pcb board in the conveyor.
  • IC tray plate for the placement of IC.
  • Linear camera for the scanning of components through the head.

Head of pick and place Machine 

The Head of the machine is one of the main important parts of the machine mainly helps in the placement process of the machine.

Ahead has an air suction and air blow function. Air suction help to pick up the components from the surface of the pcb board and air blow helps to place the component on the surface of the machine.

The head brings the component to the linear camera. The camera scans the component adjusting the position of the component the head which adjusts the exact position of the component for the placement process.

The conveyor passes the PCB board into the pick-and-place machine for the assembly process of the PCB board. The PCB board comes inside the pick and place machine. The board gets scanned by the linear camera which makes sure the mounting position of the tiny component on the surface of the PCB board.

The component will be placed with the pick and place machine using various types of vacuum nozzles placed in the head of the machine. Now the PCB board is ready for the soldering process.


Flying camera 


The flying camera helps the smt machine to pick up the component from the feeder. It first scans the position of the component through the feeder and allows the machine to pick the right suitable mounting component for the placement process on the surface of the pcb board.

Electronic Feeder


The electronic feeders have been used to the feeder the components into the machine electronically operator needs to load the feeder components in the machine. There are several sizes and types of feeders such as 8mm,12mm,16mm,24mm,32mm, and 44mm.

Reflow Soldering


The PCB board is not ready yet the final part is to attach the mounted component with the PCB board. It can be done by reflow oven. The PCB board goes into the reflow oven with a different temperature zone.

A reflow oven can have multiple temperature zones. A standard reflow has eight temperature zones. At first, the PCB board goes into the initial temperature zone known as preheating zones.

The second zone is in which the solder paste melts down propers and the component gets attached to the surface of the PCB board.

The third zone is for the cooling zone of the reflow oven the cold air is blown by the air blowers passed through the cooling zone to reduce the temperature of the pcb board.



Unloader unloads the pcb board from the reflow oven and stores it into the pcb magazine a unload has a magazine built in which can store up to 100 pcb boards at once. 

Industrial use of SMT Lines for pcb assembly

Electronics manufacturing is one of the biggest industries in the world. No matter what kind of electronic product you are manufacturing you must need an smt line for the assembly of the electronics.

All Electronic products have a pcb board or motherboard which is the main part that operates every instruction of an electronic product. For example, consider at your home there are several electronics appliances such as a vacuum cleaner that has a pcb board that gives the instructions for the right task to do. A pcb contains several tiny components such as resistors, capacitors ranging from 0204 to 7451.

Range of components used in PCB assembly


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Network resistor

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Smt lines for led assembly layout for startups

All the Led lights are assembled by basic smt line to standard smt line. The process is very easy to start a small led manufacturing business.

You need the following equipment to start your own manufacturing.

Semi-automatic printer

A semi-automatic printer is a low-end solder paste that comes with a max length of 1.2 meters with manual operating. The operator needs to put the pcb board inside the machine and operate it with the installed kit.


Led pick and place machine

For led assembly faroad CPM L2 is the most suitable machine in the market for the assembly of led. The machine is capable of placing 50,000 led chips on the pcb board within one hour.

The Pcb length is 900mm and the width 400mm with the capacity of 20 feeders. Customization support up to 1.2-meter long pcb board and 37 feeders of 8mm are supported which makes this machine fully compatible to be used in the manufacturing industry.


Reflow Oven

A six-zone small industry reflow oven works perfectly for the soldering of a led PCB board. A six-zone reflow oven has 2 pre-heating, 3 heating, and 1 cooling zone.


 Smt lines for Led Lens assembly layout for startups

Led lens are often called as tv backlight which has small lens beads on the surface of the led chip. Which can be placed by lens mounter. 

What is a Lens Mounter?

A lens mounter is a lens pick and place machine used for the manufacturing of tv backlights. A new type of light is rising in the lighting manufacturing industry. A lens mounter has a bowl feeder with 8 feeding lanes and two bowls. The lens is dropped openly in the bowl feeder, produces vibration, and feeds the lens to the head of the pick and place machine. The bowl feeder is also known as a Vibratory feeder.

Led Lens manufacturing layout


Glue Dispenser Machine 

DP -1200 is a faroad glue dispenser machine that has a nozzle head used to spread the glue on the surface of the PCB board. The glue dispenser is majorly used in the led manufacturing industry to place the led lens on the surface of the glue. The working method of the glue dispenser is similar to how a pick and place machine operator needs to load the glue bottle in the nozzle head of the machine.


The operator has to create the program in the machine according to the design of the PCB board. The basic program is created by selecting the mark point and then there will be the selection of the mounting location of the pcb board. 

After the selection is done and the program is ready, machines have been allowed to place the glue on the pcb board.

Lens Mounter for placement of the Led lens

Led Lens should be placed by the lens mounter pick and place the machine on the surface of the PCB board.

Program Making of the Lens Mounter

Adjusting width and set origin
First, the width of the PCB board is adjusted. After adjusting the size of the pcb board the origin point will be adjusted which represents the origin point of the head in the pick and place machine.

Set the mark point

Adjust the suitable light in the machine and Set the mark point of the PCB board. After setting the mark point select the proper component for the mounting process. Check all the steps of the machine and run the optimization after the optimization is successful machine is ready for production.

Reflow Oven


Two types of reflow ovens can be used for the production of the TV backlight.

UV oven or Air reflow oven.

UV Oven:

Uv Oven emits ultraviolet light under a certain temperature for the fast curing of UV glue with the led lens.

Air Reflow Oven:

The air reflow oven used hot air for the curing of epoxy glue.

Equipment Maintenance of SMT LINE


Take off the nozzle and use a blower to clean the nozzle.

Dumping Box

Take off the dumping box and pour out components, clean it by using the blower gun. Besides please clear away the components that were dropped on the machine before.

Feeder Station

Checking whether there are any sundries on the feeder station, and using a soft brush to clear it.

Carrier Plate

Checking whether there are any sundries on the carrier plate, and using a soft non-dust cloth to clear it.

Fixed Camera

Checking whether there are any sundries on the transparent cover of the fixed camera, and using a soft non-dust cloth to clear it.

Tank Chain Stand 

Checking whether there are any sundries or dust on the tank chain stand and clearing it. (*Note: when clearing sundries or dust, please pay attention that does not Wipe the PCB sensor regularly to avoid insensitive reaction

Main pressure-regulating filter valve

The main pressure-regulating filter valve has The function to drain away water automatically, so please clear up wastewater regularly

Vacuum Filter

Checking whether the vacuum filter color changed, and replacing it semiannually. Replacement steps: pull out the air pipe and vacuum filter, then replace the new vacuum filter and insert the air pipe

Nozzle Shaft Pore

Pull out the air pipe and take off the nozzle, then clear the shaft pore by blower gun. (*Note: put a cloth under the placement head before blowing)

Sliding Block and Spline Shaft

Checking the lubrication condition of sliding block and spline shaft regularly, and greasing them when the condition is not good. (Steps: clearing the greasy dirt by non-dust cloth, using the soft brush to grease, then pulling the nozzle shaft up and down repeatedly).

W Axis Lead Screw

Checking its running condition regularly and greasing it when its status is not good. Turn the W axis belt to make the W axis 

X-axis and Y-axis Guide Rail 

Checking the running status of the guide rail And Greasing it when its status is not good. Using The Non-dust cloth to clear the grease dirt and in funding the oil into the lubricating nipple, then moving the placement head from left to right repeatedly.

PCB Transfering Guide Rail

Checking the running condition of the belt regularly, and upkeeping the belt and belt pulley termly

Ancillary Facility Confirmation for SMT LINE

Air Compressor 

The air displacement should be 0.7 m3/min, the output pressure should be 0.5mpa-0.8mpa, the more stable the air pressure, the better the machine performance. In another word, the air compressor at least should be 7.5 Kw, 10P. 2. Air should be dried by air drier as well as oil-water separator and filter before it enters the machine through air compressor.

The efficiency of the air compressor is at least 0.7 m3/min, and the 3-stage filter (0.01u) is also necessary

Production Material

PCB, BOM form, coordinate sheet, components, solder paste printer.


At least 2 trainees who are familiar with computers. (Suggestion: it is better if the trainee has SMT experience).

Voltage Stabilizer

The device requires that the power supply should be 380V± 3%, and the voltage stabilizer should be 10KVA.

Electric wire connection

Power supply 380V±3%, 50-60HZ, 60A; Power requirement of the machine≥8KVA, prepare enough electronic wire and install the 4-way, 60A air switch; (All equipment should be properly grounded. Floor, working table mats and chairs at the production are should be anti-static).


Power supply 380V±3%, 50-60HZ, 60A; Power requirement of the machine≥8KVA, prepare enough electronic wire and install the 4-way, 60A air switch; (All equipment should be properly grounded. Floor, working table mats and chairs at the production are should be anti-static).

Subsidiary Appliance

Ethyl alcohol*1 bolt, cotton swab*packet, Rust preventive oil WD-40 *1 bolt, 300℃ resistance lubricating oil* 1 tin, white non-dust cloth*1 packet, vernier caliper*1, blower gun*1, floodlight*1.


Pick & Place machine is a high-speed device. The workshop floor should be anti-static, skid-proof, flat, neat, and dry. If the machine is put on the second floor or higher, please make sure it is put on the beam structure to ensure shock absorption.


A Centrifugal exhauster is required for the reflow oven to discharge smoke. Your company can by the PVC bent pipe, and its length and width should according to your machine model and production site.

Note :

For the reason that the Pick & Place machine is the core device of the high-precision SMT production line, please prepare the ancillary facility stated in the above form, otherwise, Faroad owns the right to refuse to install the machine. Besides, rack deformation, rail and sliding block damage, as well as overheating alarm of maglev motor and driver caused by unqualified ancillary facility, there will no warranties from both Faroad and the manufacturer of the part.

 Ancillary Facility pictures

Air Compressor, air storage tank, drying machine, oil-water separator, and filter.


2.3 phase, input 5 wire (with null line), output 4 wire (without null line), 10KVA/380V AC voltage


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3. Your Company needs to prepare the electric box joint and air pipe joint.

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