solder paste printer for high end pcb assembly P34

Equipment Solder Paste Printer P34
Screen Frame
Min. size 470x370mm
Max. size 737x737mm
Thickness 25~40mm
PCB Board
Min. size 50x50mm
Max. size 400x340mm
Thickness 0.4~6mm
Warpage <1%
Height 900±40mm
Direction L→R, R→L; L→L, R→R
Speed Max. 1500mm/S (Programmable)
PCB Positioning
Support System Magnetic Pin/Support block by hand/Up-down table adjustment
Clamping System Side clamping, vacuum nozzle
Print Hand Two independent direct-coupled motors drive the print head
Cleaning System Dry, wet, vacuum (Programmable)
Table Adjustment Ranges X: ±10mm; Y:±10mm; θ: ± 2°
2D Solder Paste Inspection Standard configuration
Image Recognition
CCD FOV 10x8mm
Fiducial Types Square, round, triangle, cross, pad, hole
Automatic Camera System Geometry pattern match & CCD digital camera
Up and down optical structure
Working Environment Temperature 21℃ – +50℃
The humidity of the Working Environment 30% – 60%
Power Input AC:220 ± 10%, 50/60HZ 1 φ3KW
Control Method PC Control
Dimension L1220*1355*H1500mm
Weight Approx.


Printing Parameter
Squeegee Type Stainless steel (Standard), Plastic
Substrate Separation  Speed 0.1 – 20mm/sec
Separation Option Lift the scraper first and then de-mold first and then lift the scraper, maintaining pre-pressure de-molding (area separation, line separation)
Squeegee Speed 6-200mm/sec
Squeegee Pressure 0-15Kg (Motor control)
Squeegee Angle 60°/ 55°/45°
Repeat Position Accuracy ±0.007mm (CPK≧2.0)
Printing Accuracy ±0.015 mm (CPK≧2.0, can print 03015)
Cycle time <7s (Exclude Printing & Cleaning)
Product Changeover <5Min
Air Required 4.5-6Kg/㎠

Optional Pcb board sizes

PCB Size Min 50*50 ; Max 510 * 340
PCB Size Min 50*50 ; Max 650 * 340

Automatic Solder paste printer P34

solder paste printer p34

Features of Solder Paste Printer

Platform Calibration System

P 51 2






Using the most advanced UVW three-axis technology in the world, it is equipped with a servo motor and lead screw, plus it owns a compact structure, which ensures high reliability, and a smooth and stable lift up/down platform. The height of the platform is adjusted automatically by software control. Accurately realizing height adjustment for different types of PCB thickness

Images and Optical System

P 51 3





Uniform ring light, high brightness coaxial light, and advanced upper/lower vision system. Full range of fair compensation automatically and accurately recognized of all types MARK points.

Applicable for tin plating, gold plating, copper plating, tin spraying, FPC, and other types of PCB with different colors, able to ensure high accuracy.

Cleaning System

P 51 4





Automatic stencil cleaning system, with effective three options: dry, wet, and vacuum cleaning, which are all individually independent. And another method is manually cleaning, it is optional. By using a CCD camera, the unit to clean is separated, which is able to minimize the motor load and impulse. It also can improve positioning accuracy, and speed and extend the service life of solder paste printers.

The sprinkler system ensures spraying evenly, from top to bottom. The software function can control the dosage of alcohol and stencil cleaning paper, which efficiently saves more consumables. It supports the patented vacuum cleaning with a dedicated fan, which is powerful and effective.

Scraper System

P 51 5






Arch bridge type suspending direct-connected scraper. The printing head is equipped with the suspending self-adjusted stepper motor, which is also programmable. The 4-wheel positioning slide type is adopted with bilateral sliders, which guarantees fast-moving precision and stability when the scraper is running back and forth. Two sets of separate scrapper heads are driven respectively by two high-precision stepper motors, ensuring the accuracy and stability of the pressure. The closed-loop pressure control system enables to inspection and control of the squeegee pressure accurately during real-time production.

Conveyor System







With programmable transportation speed, it can achieve a maximum transportation speed of 1500mm per second. The transportation direction can be left to right or right to left. Also, it supports left to left, or right to the right transmission direction

Stencil Positioning System

P 51 7






Adopt imported cylinder and high-accuracy screw parts, which ensure high-quality stencil positioning.

Electric Components Control System







Using electric components that are mostly imported from credible brands in the world, guarantees stable and reliable mechanical performance.

Operating Interface

P 51 9





The easy operating interface of Windows XP, with convenient man-machine interacting function. Programming is designed with teaching and navigation functions, guidance is available at every step. Chinese and English language operating interface is also available.

2D Paste Printing Quality Test and Analysis

P 51 10







Ensure the quality of product printing, this feature can quickly detect printing offset, insufficient paste, missing, and bridge, and other defects.

Optional Feature:

Stencil Inspection System

P 51 11





Through light source compensation at stencil and CCD real-time inspection check on stencil holes which enable rapid detection, judging stencil after cleaning whether the stencil holes have been filled and auto cleaned by solder paste printer.

Automatic Add Solder Paste

P 51 12







Automatic add solder at periodic times to ensure the quality of the solder paste volume at stencil, thus guaranteeing printing quality and efficiency.

Automatic Dispensing System

P 51 13






In view of the different printing requirements, dispensing through glue, solder paste, dispense line, padding, etc, can be performed after the printing process. Dispensing head is adopted with a heating function to maintain glue viscosity with better fluidity

Industry 4.0

P 51 15







According to the machine status, its parameters can be automatically uploaded or output, which is supported for the customer industry 4.0 intelligent production. The connection will be seamless and realized with the customer MES system, product traceability, intelligent control machine maintenance

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