10 zones reflow oven

Model GT-1000
No of Heating zones Top 10 / Bottom 10
No of Cooling zones 3892mm
Exhaust Volume Up 2  (interior-circulation of air)
Max PCB width 250*2 (single channel 50~450mm)
Conveyor Rail fixed Front and rear rail fixed, Two adjustable rails at center
PCB transmission Chain + Mesh (Option: Chain
Power Consumption 3Phase ,380V 50/60 Hz(Option : 3,220V 50/60Hz)
Max Temp range 300 Celcius
Temp Control Mode Pid Full Closed loop control, SSR Driving
Dimension 6160mm * 1539mm * 1490mm
Weight Approx 3050 kg
Dual Lane Transmission Dual Lane with letter D,1,3 or 1,4 fixed, Max width PCB 300 * 300
10 zones reflow oven

10 zones reflow oven is designed for the high-tech industry with 10 heating and cooling zones for better results during the reflow soldering process of PCB board.

Hardware Features:
  • Board drop detection
  • Uninterruptible power supply
  • Guaranteed Lead-Free Process
  • Automatic edge rail lubrication
  • 320 C high-temperature processing capabilities
  • Board counter
  • Motorized width adjust
  • Seema communication
Excellent Thermal Convection System

An efficient power design and heat management system greatly improves energy savings while lowering carbon emissions.

Reliable Conveyor System

The guide rail is made from special aluminum alloy the surface is covered by oxidation and has super hard film which is hard to deform and corroded


Central Support,
Customization Max. width
Dual lane conveyor with independent speed control

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