Six – Zones
LY – 6600


Eight – Zones
LY – 8800


Ten – Zones
LY – 1000

Faroad insist in using the high-end brand hardware part to continuously provide the stable & reliable Reflow Oven to maintain soldering performance of PCBA board for our users.

Reflow Oven Software Features

Provides an easy to use graphical user interface and efficient programming functions to manage high volume and complex production


1.User-friendly, intuitive, easy-to-learn software design.
2.Off-line programming capability for setting up new SMT assembly programs or modifying existing SMT assembly programs during soldering process.

3. Software can work on different Windows environments, such as Windows. 7 and Windows.10.
4. Simple calibration system is easy for the beginner to operate.


5.Able to support automatic nozzle change for increasing the efficiency.
6.provides intelligent programming functions to reduce total programming time with default usually component part library.

7. Different optimization methods ensure to achieve mass and complex production.
8. Specific software design for LED chips mounting.

Reflow Oven Hard Features


1.Excellent thermal convection system for reflow oven
 Efficient power design and heat management system greatly improves energy savings while lowering carbon emissions.
 150W high quality hot air motor, large wind wheel and high-efficiency heating pipe, which is o maintain and can reduce power consumption.
 SUS304 nozzle plate is anti-corrosion and easy to maintain, also it allows to cover the boards independent of component size or color with hot air in all direction for good uniformity.
 320 ºC high temperature processing capabilities, aallowing the heating zone temperature controllers have an accuracy of ±1 ºC, also ensuring aΔT of ±1ºC across the PCB assembly.

2.Powerful cooling zone
 Cooling zone is achieved with 2 top and bottom zones(8 zones reflow oven as an example)allowing adjustable convection speed for desired cooling slope.
 Except air cooling system, water chiller cooling system is optional.


3.Flux collection system
 Multi-stage flux filtration collects flux vapors from the reflow  zone ensuring the high-efficiency process.
 Online maintenance without stopping the machine.
 Flux is trapped in a separate collection box with easy to remove plates. As a result, the oven tunnel is kept clean – thus saving the clearance time.
 Efficient flux collection system at both front-back end exhausts are installed with quick release metallic filters similar with the heat exchanger for less and easy maintenance. (optional)

4.Reliable conveyor system
 The guide rail is made from special aluminium alloy whose surface was treated by oxidation and has the super hard film, which is hard to be deformed and corroded.
 The guide rail adapts two-phases design, which increases the bending strength and deformation-resistance ability during reflow soldering.
 Special width adjustment and transmission structure design ensure the reliable PCB transmission in reflow oven.
 Both hand and electric width adjustment, also emergent hand transmission control is available can avoid that the PCB is burn in the reflow oven when the machine stops suddenly.
 Auto chain lubrication system can reduce high levels of friction that can result in chain wear, high energy consumption and unplanned production stops.


5.Machine control system
 PC+PLC electricity control system guarantees the stable machine running.
 Windows operator system, 2000/XP/win7 is avaiable.
 Built-in temperature curve,temperatures can be recorded directly on the board and displayed on the machine’s LCD display.
 E-version equipment maintenance manual is available is the machine PC.
 Soldering defects reference.

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