Glue Dispenser Machine GT-D430

Model GT-D430
Effective movement stroke X400*Y300*Z120mm
Glue delivery method  High-Frequency Piezoelectric Injection Valve/Pneumatic Injection Valve
Dimensions W700*L830*H1700mm
Weight 450kg
Maximum load  X/Y: 30kg; Z: 8KG
Moving speed X/Y: 1000mm/s; Z: ≤500mm/s
Display mode  LCD
Movement accuracy ±0.01mm
Positioning method  CCD visual positioning
Conveyor line automatic width adjustment range 50~300mm
Transmission method belt conveyor
Incoming sensor Fiber optic/photoelectric
Motor system Servo motor + driver
Transmission mode ball screw + linear guide
Automatic weighing function Yes
Automatic cleaning function Yes
Motion interpolation function any route in 3D three-dimensional space is available
Edit mode PC
Industrial computer intel i5/256 solid state/4 USB, *HDMI interface, 1*VAG interface, 1*AUDIO, 2*COM, 2*Gigabit Ethernet port


External interface  IO
Input power AC220V 50-60Hz Optional AC110V
Working environment temperature 10-40℃
Working environment humidity 20-90% no condensation

Online Glue dispenser machine GT-D430









The glue dispensing machine adopts the latest piezoelectric jet valve glue spraying technology, the glue is more accurate, and the generation of air bubbles can be minimized. The glue head of the connector dispensing machine can be rotated 0~360°, the angle of the glue valve can be adjusted independently, and the double looper automatic needle alignment and double looper height real-time monitoring and compensation functions are optional;

All equipment can be equipped with dual-valve asynchronous operation, the auxiliary valve does not follow the movement of the main valve, and can do real-time position compensation. All dispensing equipment adopts CCD visual positioning, the conveying line can be automatically adjusted in width and speed, and it is operated by computer, which is convenient and easy to use

Valve body introduction:








Brief description of high-frequency injection valve:

  1. The latest piezoelectric drive device, a faster dispensing speed, and a limit frequency that can reach 1400HZ;
  2. The new design of the nozzle and firing pin has a wider application range and can better meet the dispensing needs of high viscosity and large glue volume;
  3. Adopt the latest design, simplify the adjustment method of the striker, and realize the visual adjustment;
  4. The unique control method can realize the frequency conversion injection synchronous with the platform speed;
  5. Adopt a non-contact dispensing method to eliminate Z-axis movement and improve production efficiency;
  6. The replaceable superhard material striker and nozzle have a long service life;
  7. The minimum glue volume can be as small as 1nl, the minimum line width is 0.25mm, and the minimum diameter is 0.2mm;
  8. The injection volume can be accurate to 1nl, and the glue point consistency can reach 2%;
  9. The unique nozzle, flow channel, and material supply constant temperature system ensure that the viscosity of the glue is not affected by temperature and maintains a high consistency;
  10. High-precision nozzle and precise structural design, small stroke, and strong spraying force, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of air bubbles and scattered spots;
  11. New nozzle, flow channel structure design, fewer consumables, more convenient disassembly, and less maintenance;
  12. Suitable for low to high-viscosity fluids and hot melt adhesives, modular switching, and its flexibility can meet changing dispensing requirements.
  13. The controller is ultra-thin and small and does not take up space. It only needs to be stacked up and down with the controller and connected to achieve precise temperature control;
  14. The nozzle heater has precise temperature control, and the heating temperature can reach 230°C.


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