Glue Dispenser Machine DP-1200

Main Technical Specifications:

Model DP-1200
Exterior Size(L*W*H)  1380mm×1300mm×1477mm
Weight  1100kg
Drive Servo Motor +Ball Screw
Max Moving Speed 800 mm/Second
Coating Scope L900mm*W550mm
Max Component Height 50mm
Repeating Accuracy 0.01mm
Conveyor Direction L-R
Communication Port SMEMA Connector
Nozzle Quantity 1 piece (optional 2)
Nozzle Type Screw valve / jet valve (optional)
Tilt Angle Screw 0°- 35° (only one set of glue valve is carried)
Material Volume Optional 80~550mm
Power Supply Single-phase three-wire AC220V – 50-60HZ Standard
 Main Power 2.8KVa
Air Pressure 0.7 Mpa ~ 0.85 Mpa

Glue Dispenser Machine DP 1200:










High-end cost-effective glue dispenser machine for the assembly of the led lens on the PCB board.
Automatic placement of glue provides low labor costs and high performance for the SMT production line.

  •  The glue dispenser machine is controlled by a computer with Windows operating system.
  • Slide-rail width adjustment structure is convenient, rapid, and stable in adjustment, guarantees the transmission rail parallels to each other, and is equipped with the aluminum alloy rail to guarantee a smooth connection and stable transmission.
  • The high-speed jet valve (200p/s) or screw valve (5p/s) is equipped.
  • The collection and discharge device of exhaust air is equipped
  • Mark point can achieve automatic positioning safely and accurately to further reduce the damage caused due to equipment impact.
  •  Glue valves can adopt different modes as per the requirements of products, and their size can be voluntarily adjusted.
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