Led Lens Pick and Place Machine L2T

 Product name L2T
Conventional patch speed  Lens 10000-25000chips/h ,conventional lamp bead element 15000-32000 chips/h  speed depends on the lens type
Maximum placement area 1200mm L *500 Wmm
Z-axis max height 士13mm
Machine weight  1500kg
Overall dimension 1 800 *1320*1500mm
Optimal placement speed 35000 chips/h
Supply voltage AC220V 50HZ (operating power is about 2 KW/H)
Mechanical accuracy 士0.01mm
Operating system WINDOWS7
Number of feeders Double-disc eight-channel vibrating disc/standard 8mm/12MM packer28
Transmission mode Three-segment rail transmission
Positioning method Visual automatic MARK point(flying camera for visual correction)
Programming mode Visual camera positioning programming. Excel format file import coordinates
Mountable components 9mm-17.5mm lens/over0402 lamp bead resistor-capacitor IC terminal and other components

Eight-head lens automatic placement machine

Equipped with an electric Feeder base, lens, and conventional

components and lamp beads can be mounted

8 sets of high-speed independent rotating mounting heads

8 sets of individual gigabit network interface industrial flight  error photo correction system

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